Vingruppen and Scanlog invest in liquid biogas

October 29th 2020

Vingruppen i Nordens beverages are now transported 100% fossil-free from the bottling and production facility in Norway to the warehouse in Stockholm.

Freight transport contributes every year to large emissions for Swedish importers of beverages from different parts of the world. The longest transports are done by sea freight, but road transport accounts for the largest emissions.

Much has happened in the logistics sector over the past 20 years when it comes to sustainability. We see a number of fossil-free alternatives emerging and taking their place. But – fossil-free heavy road transports are still tricky, and few alternatives are available on the market. That is why sustainable transportation is one of the Vingruppen i Norden top priorities.

Vingruppen together with its logistics partner Scandinavian Logistics Partners (Scanlog), therefore began looking at opportunities for fossil-free freight transports in line with its set climate goals. Then liquid biogas (LBG) suddenly appeared as an alternative.

LBG is a renewable fuel with great environmental and climate benefits. For heavy road transport, it is a well-functioning and interesting alternative to diesel.

It was Scanlog’s haulage partner Alfredsson Transport in Norrköping who was the first to offer a vehicle fleet using the fuel. In close proximity to Sweden’s largest liquid biogas plant Tekniska Verken in Linköping.

Now Vingruppen i Nordens beverage is transported from the bottling and production facility in Norway 100% fossil-free to the warehouse in Jordbro outside Stockholm, Sweden. The investment has contributed to a total reduction of CO2 emissions of 14 percent for Vingruppen’s transports in 2019.

– We are happy that there are clients such as Vingruppen who dare to test and take the lead in sustainable freight transport. Liquid biogas has great potential to reduce emissions from the transport sector, as Vingruppen’s figures already show. That Vingruppen has taken this step therefore has an important symbolic value, says Mathias Wideroth, Scanlog’s Chairman of the Board.

For Alfredsson Transport, environmental aspects are important, but the investment in biogas has also meant an expansion of the company.

– We have received a lot of attention since we started with LBG trucks, today we have six of them in operation and two more have been ordered. Customers demand more fossil-free transports now than they did a year ago. Until Covid-19 came, the LBG trucks were very profitable, but since the diesel price has dropped, the cost is now the same. But next year, I do not see any cost-effective alternative to LBG for heavy long-distance traffic, if one wants to be fossil-free, says Erik Alfredsson, CEO of Alfredsson Transport.

Åsa Lindahl, Logistics Manager Vingruppen i Norden, Kim Forsberg, Head of Sustainability at Vingruppen, Erik Alfredsson CEO Alfredsson Transport, Mathias Wideroth, Chairman Scanlog

As part of a solid sustainability work, Vingruppen collaborates with logistics partners that offer more sustainable transport. They also work to reduce the weight of the packaging in order to reduce emissions from transports.

– We put great value on collaborating with knowledgeable and like-minded suppliers who are focused on the environmental perspective, long-term business values ​​and innovation – then we find the best alternatives. The collaboration with Scanlog and Alfredsson Transport is an excellent example of this. The next step is to see to that the first part of the transport chain also gives a smaller climate footprint, and that hauliers all around Europe also choose liquid biogas. Together we can influence our suppliers and drive positive development, says Åsa Lindahl, Logistics Manager, Vingruppen i Norden.

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For further information, please contact Mathias Wideroth,, +46 707 934050

Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB ( is a Swedish-owned logistics company specializing in international transport by rail, sea, road and air. We are passionate about Responsible Logistics – focused on cost-efficiency, reduced environmental impact and customer service beyond expectations. Scanlog has about 40 co-workers in four offices in Sweden, a turnover of approximately 400 MSEK and was appointed Gasell Company by Swedish daily Dagens Industri in 2017, 2018 and in 2019. Scanlog is accredited with the ISO quality- and environmental management standards.

Vingruppen i Norden ( consists of five importers – Vinunic, Wineworld, the Wineagency, Valid Wines and Quaffable Wines. Together, Vingruppen has one of the industry’s widest ranges of wine and they all share the same passion and commitment to the products and their producers. Vingruppen I Norden has a Sustainability plan to 2030 named “From grape to glass” and the work focuses on environmental, social and economic factors throughout the value chain – from the vineyard to recycling the bottle when it is empty. It includes how the grapes are grown, what the people on the farm have for working and living conditions, what the transport from the vineyard to us in Sweden looks like, what type of packaging the wine is delivered in or how we can give the consumer information to make a conscious choice.