The Älmhult Intermodal Terminal expands – helping to reduce carbon emissions

June 29th 2014

On the initiative of Scanlog, the Älmhult Terminal Company Limited (ÄTAB) opens a new cross dock facility at the Älmhult Intermodal Terminal in southern Sweden.

– The set-up means that transport efficiency is much increased both environmentally and economically, which is in line with our desire to enhance sustainability in the transport sector. We help to reduce negative environmental impacts, said Elizabeth Peltola, Mayor and Chairman of the Board of ÄTAB.

ÄTAB is one of the largest inland terminals in Sweden and co-owned by Älmhult’s municipality, IKEA AB and Cargo Net AS. Operator of the terminal is IKEA Svenska AB. Scanlog will use the terminal for distribution in southern Sweden.

The cooperation between ÄTAB, IKEA and Scanlog offers the retail and industry sectors a cost-efficient and environmentally very attractive transport option from their producers in Europe to the distribution centres in southern Sweden.

Älmhult’s Mayor Elizabeth Peltola also stresses that there will be further opportunities to expand the terminal’s business as it is now getting broadened.

– From the Terminal Company’s side, we see that this solution brings interesting development that is very exciting and important for Älmhult municipality’s future, says Elizabeth Peltola.

Elizabeth Peltola, Paul Robertsson (Planning Coordinator, Älmhults municipality), Pär Sundqvist (IKEA AB) and Ulf Sundberg (CEO, Scanlog) at the site where the new reloading terminal should emerge.