Sweden’s only independent rail freight forwarder brings on new partner and changes company name

March 12th 2012

Scandinavian Logistics Partners is now the new name of Express Scandinavia. At the same time, Mr. Fritjof Jonas becomes new share holder and partner.

Express Scandinavia AB, the Swedish rail freight forwarder sold at the beginning of the year by Rail Cargo Austria to Swedish logistics veterans Mr. Ulf Sundberg and Mr. Mathias Wideroth is now changing its name to Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB and moves ahead with a substantial expansion on the Swedish market.

“Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB (Scanlog) is a fully independent Swedish owned logistics company that is entirely free in relation to the large state owned multinational logistics groups. Scanlog offers complete international forwarding and logistics solutions with all four modes; sea, air, road and railway, all in one and the same organization.” says CEO Ulf Sundberg.

In connection with the name change, Scandinavian Logistics Partners strengthens its unique rail freight operations further and brings on its Director Rail Solutions as share holder.

”We are very pleased that Fritjof is now joining as a Partner in Scanlog, his long experience and expertise in rail freight logistics will ensure that we will continuously be able to offer competitive and innovative rail solutions. “ says Mr. Sundberg and continues, “ We are convinced that our partnership model will have Scanlog providing sustainable logistics solutions with a stronger commitment, accountability and reliability.”

For further information, please contact

Ulf Sundberg
+46 709 765400
Mathias Wideroth
Chairman of the Board
+46 707 934050
Fritjof Jonas
Director Rail Solutions
+46 703 546501