Sea Freight Solutions

Scanlog’s independence, our global network, and our knowledge and experience give us possibilities to ensure the right solution for sea transport when it comes to both lead times and cost, regardless of market or port relation.

For our customers who are not interested in how many containers we handle or which ships we use, but who want a customized solution suited to their own needs, regardless of whether it is full container loads, less than full or non-containerized cargoes.

Our customers do not need to adapt to the large multinationals’ routines or systems, they can rely on us always ensuring their interests. In our door-to-door offering, we also cater for pre- and on-carriage to and from ports and terminals at predetermined delivery times.

Responsible for our Sea Freight Solutions is Mr. Joakim Dundee, whom you reach at +46 72 529 70 22, or