Multimodal Transport Solutions

Scanlog’s multimodal short sea and rail systems are specifically designed for imports of bulky products, retail goods, foodstuff and beverages from Europe to Scandinavia. By utilizing capacity already used for exports, we create optimal cost and environmental efficiency.

Our door-to-door commitment starts when we collect goods from producers in Europe and deliver to our terminals in Belgium for reloading to specially designed containers and rail wagons. After transportation with ship and rail to our terminals in Gothenburg and Hallsberg, the cargo is then reloaded to trucks and timely distributed to our customers’ warehouses and distribution centres.

With daily pick ups from suppliers in Europe, we offer an environmentally friendly transport to Scandinavia with fixed lead times at a very attractive cost.

Responsible for our Multimodal Transport Solutions is Mr. Martin Ytander, whom you reach at +46 706 75 41 21, or