Information Management

Rapid and accurate information is essential for today’s complex and multi-faceted transportation and logistics flows. It is a prerequisite in order to minimise administration and administration costs, increase the control and to continuously develop and improve the logistics flows.

Scanlog has invested in the market’s most advanced system support to streamline internal processes and have a fully integrated paperless production process. Within the framework of our Order Management system, automated monitoring and deviation reporting provides total visibility and control – for us, our customers and partners. It increases the quality of our services and creates time to provide an even better service to our customers.

Our clients can communicate electronically directly with our system through our web interface ScanLogIn or via EDI. We can handle most formats such as XML, EDIFACT, AnsiX12 and flat files.

ScanLogIn is our web-based client system and provides full visibility of all shipments and vendor orders we handle for our clients. ScanLogIn contains among others the following features: vendor follow-up; order management; order follow-up; track & trace; invoice processing and statistics. ScanLogIn uses the same database as we do, our customers have in real time the same information as we have. Press here to go the
ScanLogIn client log in and shipment tracking.