Scanlog flies paperless – introduces e-AWB as one of the first air freight forwarders in Sweden

October 21st 2014

As part of Scanlogs quest to be at the forefront of the development of cost effective and quality assured air transportation, we have signed agreements with the International Air Transport Association, IATA and several carriers in order to use electronic airway bills (e-AWB) instead of traditional paper documents.

Flying paperless is in line with Scanlog’s overall objectives, to save on costs and the environment by a more rational administration and by reducing paper consumption, but also maybe the less obvious but more import; to create a paperless fully integrated production process that increases the quality of our services, and do not stand or fall by having large amounts of paper documents at hand. Thanks to the development of our support systems and a brand new production process required to implement e-AWB, we today have more time to provide even better service to our customers while automated monitoring and deviation handling allow for total transparency and give us an offering of which we are very proud.