Scanlog continues to shift freight from road to rail

March 22nd 2014

In early April, Scanlog starts a new multimodal rail link between Uddevalla on the Swedish West Coast and Umeå in Northern Sweden.

The JABA Group, a major manufacturer of components of moulded fibre material for the automotive industry has contracted Scanlog to manage their transports from the factory in Högsäter to Holmsund outside Umeå.

The solution Scanlog developed is based on the use of rail for the longest part of the transport chain and thanks to this lowers CO2 emissions from the transports by as much as 93 % compared to current truck traffic.

By using free railway wagon capacity that would otherwise have to be repositioned a significant cost reduction has also been achieved, while lead time has been maintained compared with current direct truck set up.

This summer Scanlog also launches a new direct rail services between Austria and Sweden.

It is the Swedish eco-business company Econova (with brands such as Weibull and Hammenhögs) who gave Scanlog their confidence to handle the company’s shipments of sunflower seeds from Hörsching in Austria to Sweden .

Modern railway cars with high capacity will be loaded directly at the producer’s site in Austria and run through Germany via Trelleborg to Econova’s facility in Norrköping on the Swedish East Coast.

By moving the cargo, which today is carried by truck to Scanlog’s rail solution Econova reduces transport emissions by 81 %, is getting a more cost effective transportation while still maintaining the required lead time.