Scandinavian Logistics Partners expands eco-efficient rail transport to Sweden

June 30th 2014

Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB (Scanlog) has entered into a long term agreement with Volvo to re-load rail wagons used for transportation of parts to the Volvo factories in Ghent, Belgium.

Scandinavian Rail Shuttle by ScanlogScanlog picks up goods by truck from producers in Spain, France, Benelux and western Germany, and then tranship at Ghent to the train that is returning to Sweden. The new agreement also means that Scanlog opens a new cross-dock terminal in Älmhult for distribution in southern Sweden, in addition to the existing terminal in Hallsberg used for distribution to central and northern Sweden.

“Thanks to the agreement with Volvo, we can quadruple the number of departures and reduce lead times in our multimodal Scandinavian Rail Shuttle from the Continent to Sweden,” says Martin Ytander, Scanlog’s Head of rail freight solutions and continues, “With daily departures on weekdays to our terminals in Sweden we now offer lead times comparable with direct road transportation – but with far less environmental impact and higher cost-effectiveness. ”

trainScanlog’s Chairman Mathias Wideroth, one of the company’s two founders and principal owners, commented: “We have in recent years seen a strong increase in interest in more sustainable transport solutions. It is very satisfying that, thanks to the cooperation with the Volvo Group we will now be able to offer Swedish retail and industry an environmentally and economically very attractive door-to-door option where we use an intelligent combination of truck and rail.”

Scanlog’s Scandinavian Rail Shuttle provides a substantial reduction in both carbon dioxide, sulphur and hydrocarbon emissions. The multimodal rail solution handles up to 7 000 trailer transports per year by environmentally optimal train transport for the long-haul in combination with trucks for pickup and distribution. The reduction of the CO2 footprint is estimated to correspond to approximately 8,000,000 kg of carbon dioxide.

For further information please contact:
Martin Ytander, Director Rail Freight Solutions +46 706 754121
Mathias Wideroth, Chairman of the Board +46 707 934050

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