June 6th 2021
Northvolt nominates Scanlog

Scanlog will handle the transports for Northvolt Ett, Europe's first so-called gigafactory for lithium-ion battery production, which is currently being constructed in Skellefteå in Northern Sweden.


May 19th 2021
Scanlog was commissioned with an 80 tonne mission — to charter the world’s second largest aircraft.
March 21st 2021
Dangerous goods transports

Scanlog has been handling dangerous cargoes (DG) by sea, air, road and rail ever since the start of the company in 2013.


February 3rd 2021
Transports to Sweden not to be affected by new entry regulations

Staff in the transport sector will be exempt from the new COVID-19 test requirement for entry into Sweden.


December 23rd 2020
Season’s Greetings!

Team Scanlog wishes all our customers and partners our very best for the Holidays and for a successful 2021!


November 15th 2020
New Board member in Scanlog

Ms. Anna Persson has been appointed new member of the Board of Directors of Scanlog.


October 29th 2020
Vingruppen and Scanlog invest in liquid biogas

Vingruppen i Nordens beverages are now transported 100% fossil-free from the bottling and production facility in Norway to the warehouse in Stockholm.


September 29th 2020
New Operations Manager for Scanlog Marine Logistics

Johan Bergström new Operations Manager Marine Logistics.


July 21st 2020
Summer greetings from Scanlog

Now that we are in the middle vacations, it is a perfect opportunity to take a breather and reflect. What has been during the first part of the year and what is to come.


May 15th 2020
Celsius initiates collaboration with Logent and Scanlog

Logent and Scanlog have entered into an agreement with People's Choice, which represents the two brands Celsius and FAST in Sweden, regarding transport, warehouse management and distribution. 


May 12th 2020
The sales team continues to expand

Lars Lerstorp strengthens Scanlog's sales team!


April 9th 2020
Unique rail collaboration to secure Swedish food industry’s supply chain

Sweden’s largest grocery chain ICA will use the Volvo Group’s freight train to transport goods, organised by Scanlog.


March 24th 2020
Our offices remain open and fully manned

All Scanlog offices in Sweden are open and our international transport specialists are fully accessible to our clients.


March 9th 2020
Italy transports – updated March 16

Scanlog's rail and truck services continue as normal but with longer lead times.


January 10th 2020
SOL new majority shareholder in Scanlog

Svenska Orient Linien, SOL, becomes new majority owner in Scanlog.


October 22nd 2019
Di Gasell third year in a row

Scanlog is again being awarded the Di Gasell prize!


June 27th 2019
Always Carbon Offset Airfreight

Scanlog stops selling traditional air freight. All our air freight is now carbon offset - free of charge for our clients.


June 17th 2019
Jens Nordin new Business Development Manager

Jens is back at Scanlog!


April 25th 2019
Scanlog offsets 2018 carbon footprint

An important part of our Responsible Logistics concept is to reduce the climate impact of our business.


March 29th 2019
New liner agency

Scanlog is new agent for Wagenborg Shipping Sweden.


February 9th 2019
The Sales Team expands

Tamara Fahmi and Ambjörn Olséen are joining the Scanlog Team!

December 3rd 2018
Scanlog granted the FONASBA Quality Standard

The Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (FONASBA) has awarded Scanlog their Quality Standard for ship agents and brokers.

November 19th 2018
New Operations Managers for Air and Ocean Freight

Magnus Fagrell and Myriam Nyström new Operations Managers Air and Ocean Freight Solutions.


October 29th 2018
Scanlog is Di Gasell again!

Scanlog is being awarded the Di Gasell prize 2018!


October 21st 2018
Scanlog implements robotic process automation

Scanlog strengthens its position at the cutting edge of logistics innovation by embracing robotic process automation.


June 28th 2018
Team Scanlog wishes a nice summer – we are open for business as usual!

Summer has arrived here in Scandinavia, and our offices are of course open as normal and are reachable through the usual telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.


May 21st 2018
Mattias Ljungberg new CEO of Scanlog

The Board of Directors of Scandinavian Logistics Partners has appointed Mattias Ljungberg as new CEO.


May 14th 2018
Blockchain for logistics – Enigio and Scanlog initiate collaboration

Scandinavian Logistics Partners and Enigio have signed a cooperation agreement to develop blockchain solutions for logistics.


November 13th 2017
Scanlog introduces carbon offsets

Transports have an adverse effect on the environment, mainly because of greenhouse gas emissions. We now offer our customers to offset those emissions, measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), remaining after optimisation of transport modes and capacity utilization.

November 6th 2017
Sustainable logistics – Scanlog and software developer Triona in collaboration

Scanlog and Triona have signed a cooperation agreement to develop IT-based services for increased sustainability in logistics and transports.


October 6th 2017
Scanlog is DI Gasell 2017!

Scanlog is being awarded the DI Gasell prize 2017!


June 17th 2017
The Scanlog team wishes a nice summer – we are open for business as usual!

Summer is approaching here in Scandinavia, and our offices are of course open as normal and are reachable through the usual telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.


June 16th 2017
The situation in the Port of Gothenburg

An overtime lockout at the container terminal in the Port of Gothenburg has now been in effect for four weeks, and will last for another two weeks. What happens next is unclear at this stage.

April 9th 2017
Responsible Logistics

Scanlog's focus on Responsible Logistics is now also being reflected on our trailers

February 11th 2017
New improved Cargo Insurance

In collaboration with one of the world's leading insurance firms, the ACE Group, we can now offer our customers a new and improved cargo insurance.


December 22nd 2016
Seasons’ Greetings!

[caption id="attachment_4597" align="alignleft" width="150"]Reindeer in Härjedalen mountains Reindeer in Härjedalen mountains[/caption]


December 13th 2016
Scanlog opens new Rail Terminal in Malmö

We have opened a new rail terminal in Malmö to further enhance distribution in southern Sweden and in Denmark.


October 20th 2016
Rail & Road Freight Solutions continue to grow

To meet our customers' increasing demand for cost-effective and environmentally sustainable transportation

September 18th 2016
Responsible Logistics

We want our customers to know that we keep our promises and are accountable for our undertakings.


September 18th 2016
Kick Off 2017

Team members from Scanlog's four offices in Sweden gathered a Saturday in September for a kick off conference at Steningevik, a beautiful manor house by Lake Mälaren outside Stockholm.


April 19th 2016
We are looking for new team members to join Scanlog!

Our customers continue to give us responsibility to manage an increasing share of their transports and many new customers have recently also turned to Scanlog.

March 3rd 2016
Scanlog Ship Agencies open new office in Gothenburg and expands in Stockholm
February 13th 2016
New office in Stockholm

Scanlog's office in Stockholm has moved!


February 11th 2016
New office in Malmo

Scanlog's office in south Sweden has moved into new premises at Frihamnsallén 8 in Malmo.


December 14th 2015
Climate friendlier food by rail

Transport of foodstuff to Sweden by rail contributes to reach the UN climate agreement's goals.


November 29th 2015
Partners for refugee relief

When one of Scanlog's customers wanted to donate baby food from Sweden to SOS Children's Villages work with children displaced by the war in Syria, they turned to us and asked if Scanlog were willing to participate and be responsible for the transport.


September 1st 2015
Environmental certification of goods transports – about Sustainability and Cost Efficiency
July 9th 2015
Our website is now carbon neutral!

Scanlog has joined an initiative to neutralise CO2 emissions from websites.


July 1st 2015
Scanlog at the Almedalen Week

”Can the Swedish nuclear power industry's new high tech ship contribute to Swedish service exports?"


June 23rd 2015
The Scanlog Team wishes a splendid summer – we are open for business as usual!

Summer is approaching here in Scandinavia, and our offices are of course open as normal and are reachable through the usual telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.


May 26th 2015
Scanlog Ship Agencies opens new office in Trelleborg

As a major step in the development of our customer centric ship agency solutions Scanlog Ship Agencies has opened a new office in Trelleborg focused on ship agency, liner agency and logistics solutions for pre- and on-carriage and transhipments.


May 11th 2015
Flying snow leopards

This spring Scanlog carries out two very special air freight consignments to the United States. It's snow leopards Sanjiv and his brother who travel to their new homes from Nordens Ark Foundation in Sweden to zoos in California and in Ohio.


April 15th 2015
Good, better, best.

Scanlog's multimodal sea and rail systems are custom designed for the import of consumer goods, food, beverage and industrial products from Europe to Scandinavia. By utilizing transportation means already used for export cargo, we contribute to increased capacity utilization and reduced environmental impact in cooperation with Swedish industry.


March 6th 2015
Doing Business in Mexico

Hosted by the Governor of Östergötland Mrs. Elisabeth Nilsson and in the presence of the Mexican ambassador to Sweden Sr. Augustin Gasca Pliego together with senior executives from Swedish and Mexican companies, Scanlog's VP Americas Mr. Nils Ekman moderated a seminar in Linköping on business opportunities in Mexico.

February 26th 2015
New Sales Manager and enhanced customer service in Gothenburg and western Sweden

Scandinavian Logistics Partners has hired Mr. Joakim Dundee as Sales Manager Air & Sea Freight Solutions with responsibility for the daily management of our Swedish sales team for air, courier and ocean freight solutions.

December 4th 2014
News article about Scandinavian Logistics Partners’ co-operation with the Volvo Group in Automotive Logistics Magazine

Automotive Logistics Magazine recently published a case study of Scandinavian Logistics Partners' co-operation with the Volvo Group.


October 21st 2014
Scanlog flies paperless – introduces e-AWB as one of the first air freight forwarders in Sweden

As part of Scanlogs quest to be at the forefront of the development of cost effective and quality assured air transportation, we have signed agreements with the International Air Transport Association, IATA and several carriers in order to use electronic airway bills (e-AWB) instead of traditional paper documents.

June 30th 2014
Scandinavian Logistics Partners expands eco-efficient rail transport to Sweden

Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB (Scanlog) has entered into a long term agreement with Volvo to re-load rail wagons used for transportation of parts to the Volvo factories in Ghent, Belgium.

June 29th 2014
The Älmhult Intermodal Terminal expands – helping to reduce carbon emissions

On the initiative of Scanlog, the Älmhult Terminal Company Limited (ÄTAB) opens a new cross dock facility at the Älmhult Intermodal Terminal in southern Sweden.

June 21st 2014
Scanlog delivers 13,000 tonnes of steel frames just-in-time to the Mall of Scandinavia project for Ruukki

Two years ago in June, 2012 Finish steel manufacturer Rautaruukki signed a contract to design, manufacture and install the steel structures for Mall of Scandinavia, the largest shopping centre in Scandinavia to be built in Solna just outside Stockholm, Sweden.

May 28th 2014
Logistics Seminar with a focus on Latin America

IUC (Industrial Development Centres) East together with Siemens and East Sweden Business Region arranged on May 15 a logistics seminar focusing on project logistics in Latin America.

May 18th 2014
News article about Scanlog’s VP Americas in AffärsStaden Linköping

Under the heading “I enjoy working with the Swedish Industry” the business magazine Affärsstaden Linköping in its latest issue writes about Scanlog's Vice President Americas Nils Ekman.

April 6th 2014
New offices in Gothenburg

Team Scanlog in Gothenburg has moved and on Thursday April 10, between 2 pm and 6 pm we greet our friends to an Open House in our new premises at Mejerigatan 1, SE-412 76 Gothenburg!

March 22nd 2014
Scanlog continues to shift freight from road to rail

In early April, Scanlog starts a new multimodal rail link between Uddevalla on the Swedish West Coast and Umeå in Northern Sweden.

February 19th 2014
Scanlog Ship Agencies get new contract with ESL Shipping

Finnish ESL Shipping has nominated Scanlog Ship Agencies their exclusive agents in the Port of Oxelösund.

February 7th 2014
RUAG Space signs new agreement with Scandinavian Logistics Partners

RUAG Space AB in Linköping and Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB (Scanlog) have signed a new frame agreement for transportation and logistics services.

January 27th 2014
The Barbecue season in Russia and the Nordics is drawing closer!

In partnership with one of our US associates, Blu Logistics USA, Scanlog handles the logistics for American outdoor grill manufacturer Weber-Stephen Products LLC in Russia and the Nordic countries.

January 26th 2014
Scanlog to develop Nordic supply chain solution for Petrobras

Brazilian oil major Petrobras has signed a multiyear agreement with our partner Samba Oil and Gas Logistics, a division of Brazilian e-tab group, where Scanlog will be responsible for developing a Nordic supply chain solution.

January 22nd 2014
Scandinavian Logistics Partners signs cooperation agreement with the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV

Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB (Scanlog) and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, FMV have signed a new multi-year agreement for transportation between Sweden and the United States.

December 21st 2013
Season’s Greetings from Scandinavian Logistics Partners

Instead of sending holiday greeting cards and gifts, we continue to support the 147 children and their mothers in the SOS Childrens' Village in Siem Reap in Cambodia.

November 12th 2013
The Disaster in the Philippines

Scanlog's Stockholm office staff has today assisted The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB with documentation and organisation of an air freight charter

October 16th 2013
Aerospace Cluster Sweden Seminar in Linköping

On September 26, 2013 Aerospace Cluster Sweden invited their member companies in Linköping to a "Flying Seminar".

October 2nd 2013
News article about Scanlog in Silf Supply Chain Outlook

Under the heading "New innovative logistics operator worldwide with eco-efficiency as a competitive tool" the trade magazine Silf Supply Chain Outlook writes about Scanlog in its latest issue.

June 25th 2013
New manager for Road Freight Solutions at Scandinavian Logistics Partners

Mr Benny Johansson has been appointed Manager Road Freight Solutions at Scandinavian Logistics Partners (Scanlog).

May 14th 2013
Scandinavian Logistics Partners signs cooperation agreement with Studsvik Nuclear

Studsvik Nuclear AB and Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB (Scanlog) have signed a new agreement for transport and logistics services.

May 2nd 2013
New Head of Rail Freight and Partner in Scandinavian Logistics Partners

Mr Martin Ytander will be assuming the role of Director Rail Freight Solutions in Scandinavian Logistics Partners and will at the same time join the company as Partner.

February 18th 2013
Scanlog refines its courier offering – faster, more simple to use and with the best rates in the industry

Scandinavian Logistics Partners now offers an easy way to get access to the most cost efficient courier shipments with the integrators DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS. Our large volumes give us access to competitive rates which we are now offering all our customers.

February 4th 2013
Scandinavian Logistics Partners launches new website

Scanlog has launched a completely redesigned website to create increased value for our customers and partners. 

December 21st 2012
We Support SOS Children’s Villages in Cambodia

Instead of sending holiday greeting cards and gifts, we have this year chosen to support SOS Children's Villages' work in Cambodia.

November 26th 2012
Expansion of operations in Latin America

Scanlog is expanding operations in Latin America focusing on Scandinavian customers’ needs for transport and logistics solutions, Mr. Nils Ekman joins as Regional Partner and Vice President Americas.

October 22nd 2012
Scanlog appoints new Director Air Freight Solutions

Mr Mikael Larsson will be assuming the role of Director Air Freight Solutions in Scanlog and will at the same time join the company as Partner.

September 28th 2012
New train shuttle Belgium – Sweden

Scanlog introduces a new train shuttle from Belgium to Sweden and signs a long term cooperation agreement with Hallsbergsterminalen AB.

September 7th 2012
Scandinavian Logistics Partners acquires Sky Transport Sweden AB

Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB (Scanlog) has today made an agreement with Swedish Orient Line (SOL) to acquire SOL’s subsidiary Sky Transport Sweden AB. In connection with the transaction, Swedish Orient Line will become 20% shareholder in Scanlog.

August 6th 2012
New Ship Agency operation

As part of the development of customer focused integrated transport- and forwarding solutions on the Scandinavian market, Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB is launching the new business area Scanlog Ship Agencies

June 12th 2012
New Head of Sea Freight and Partner in Scandinavian Logistics Partners

Ms Christa Persson will be assuming the role of Director Sea Freight Solutions in Scandinavian Logistics Partners (Scanlog) and will at the same time join the company as Partner.

April 12th 2012
New office in Norrköping

Scandinavian Logistics Partners have moved offices in Norrköping. New address is Lindövägen 65, welcome to visit us!

March 28th 2012
Scandinavian Logistics Partners continues to expand and hires new staff

Scanlog has hired Ms. Cecilia Schyllert as Account Executive with focus on sea freight, and Mr. Lennart Andersson as Traffic Manager Road - Nordic and Baltic Area.

March 12th 2012
Sweden’s only independent rail freight forwarder brings on new partner and changes company name

Scandinavian Logistics Partners is now the new name of Express Scandinavia. At the same time, Mr. Fritjof Jonas becomes new share holder and partner.

January 18th 2012
Austrian Railways divest subsidiary to Swedish interests

Express Scandinavia has been acquired by Mr. Ulf Sundberg and Mr. Mathias Wideroth. The purpose of the acquisition is to launch a substantial expansion.