News article about Scanlog’s VP Americas in AffärsStaden Linköping

May 18th 2014

Under the heading “I enjoy working with the Swedish Industry” the business magazine Affärsstaden Linköping in its latest issue writes about Scanlog’s Vice President Americas Nils Ekman.

Nils Ekman talks to the editor-in-chief Daniel Atterbom about his upbringing in Burma, Argentina and Spain; his studies at the boarding school Sigtuna Humanistiska Läroverket, the University of Uppsala and Miami Business School, and how he eventually came to devote his career to helping Swedish companies with the logistics in countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico and the US. Nils has worked for several of the world’s leading logistics companies, always focusing on Nordic industry’s need for special logistics solutions in North- and South America. The article also talks about Nils’ long experience from such different areas as the defence- and aerospace industry, and the FMCG sector, two of the industry sectors which also constitute the basis for Scanlog’s global activities within air-, sea- and rail freight.

The whole article can be downloaded here (in Swedish).