News article about Scanlog in Silf Supply Chain Outlook

October 2nd 2013

Under the heading “New innovative logistics operator worldwide with eco-efficiency as a competitive tool” the trade magazine Silf Supply Chain Outlook writes about Scanlog in its latest issue.

It is the chief editor and publisher Anders Lindholm that has discussed with Scanlog’s founders Mathias Wideroth and Ulf Sundberg on issues of customer satisfaction, independence and competitiveness. The article covers topics such as waste in today’s supply chains, the environmental impact of transport and how to find solutions that are environmentally efficient while reducing waste and increasing cost efficiency. Ulf and Mathias also talk about Scanlog’s business model and introduces the concept of “opti-modality” to describe how we are actively working to develop optimal transport and logistics solutions for our customers.

The whole article can be downloaded here (in Swedish).