New train shuttle Belgium – Sweden

September 28th 2012

Scanlog introduces a new train shuttle from Belgium to Sweden and signs a long term cooperation agreement with Hallsbergsterminalen AB.

Scandinavian Logistics Partners AB (Scanlog) has today signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Hallsbergsterminalen AB for its new train shuttle on the route from Belgium-Antwerp to Sweden-Hallsberg with a fixed capacity of conventional railway wagons. Through pre-carriage by truck via cross-docking with the new train shuttle in Antwerp, now Scanlog can offer its customers and producers in Spain, France, Germany and the Benelux yet another environmentally friendly and cost efficient solution for transports to Sweden, in addition to the multimodal shipping solution Scanlog offers already today.

  • “Hallsbersterminalen is Scandinavia’s best-positioned terminal with a wide range of services and a high service quality. From Hallsberg we are able to distribute cargo by truck, within a 250-300 km radius we reach Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo. We are very happy and proud that we now can offer this solution to our customers.”, says Fritjof Jonas, Scanlog’s Rail Solutions Director.
  • “Finally, in our efforts to build rail based networks to and from Europe, we have for some time now looked at Belgium and the Netherlands. We know that large volumes of freight originates from this region, and the fact that one of the largest ports in the world is located here also matters of course. The new train shuttle from Antwerp brings a good, cost efficient and environmentally friendly transportation alternative to our region’s businesses. We have today one of Scandinavia’s most advanced logistics solutions and are pleased to offer Scanlog’s customers a wide and complete range of services.”, says Ulf Gustafsson, Managing Director, Hallsbergsterminalen.

As the only independent rail freight forwarder in Scandinavia, Scanlog offers solutions for all types of transport services for both export and import.

Through its close cooperation with railway administrations, private train operators and wagon owners, Scanlog creates optimal logistic solutions based on specific customer needs with environmental as well as cost benefits. Scanlog also creates multimodal solutions with pre- and on- carriage to and from terminals with rail connection as a part of its door-to-door commitment.