Mattias Ljungberg new CEO of Scanlog

May 21st 2018

The Board of Directors of Scandinavian Logistics Partners has appointed Mattias Ljungberg as new CEO.

Mattias Ljungberg has long and solid experience from the logistics and IT areas. He has a background as CIO at OnRoad, Deputy IT Manager Nordics at DHL, VP Sales at Descartes Systems, and recently as Director IT Solutions at Scanlog, where he also has been responsible for operations in Malmö.
“We are very pleased that Mattias has agreed to take on the task of leading Scanlog’s continued development. In his current roles, Mattias has demonstrated both great drive and strong executive skills. He is a motivational leader and at the same time clearly visionary. Having been able to recruit our new CEO internally, is very positive and a sign of quality of our organisation”, says Mathias Wideroth, executive chairman and co-founder of Scanlog.
“I am really looking forward to taking the next step in the development of Scanlog, together with Scanlog’s co-workers, management and owners. Our concept of Responsible Logistics, where cost-efficiency, reduced environmental impact and high delivered quality are in focus, has received strong support from our customers and made it possible for Scanlog to grow rapidly in recent years. The fast development of digitisation in supply chains and transport flows gives significant opportunities to increase efficiency and create greater customer value which is a prerequisite for continued growth”, says Mattias Ljungberg.
Scanlog’s current CEO Ulf Sundberg will as a Founding Partner continue to be responsible for growth through partnerships, acquisitions and international expansion.
Mattias Ljungberg will take office on June 4, 2018.
Name: Mattias Ljungberg
Age: 47 years
Family: Wife and two sons, 14 and 12 years old
Lives: Bjärred north of Malmö
Leisure activities: Cycling, skiing
Favorite mode of transport: Bike