Impact on logistics due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine

March 8th 2022

The Russian aggression towards Ukraine is increasingly affecting the international freight and logistics markets. The following is an attempt to summarise the impact on our operations as of today.

We advise readers to contact your operational customer responsible at Scanlog for the most up to date information regarding your shipment.

Update March 8, 2022

Fuel prices

The US ban on Russian oil and gas imports has put further upward pressure on fuel prices in all transport segments. Emergency BAFs (Bunker Adjustment Factors), diesel and jet fuel surcharges are expected to be widely implemented in the coming days.

Update March 3, 2022

China – Europe Rail Freight

Our China-Europe rail services are currently suspended for the following routings: to/from Russia, and via Russia and Belarus.

Cargo currently in transit is being closely monitored. No major changes in scheduling or handling have been observed at this time.

Air Freight

Airspace and landing restrictions have led to a large number of flight cancellations across all carriers which in turn is creating major backlogs at many global hubs.

Japanese airlines JAL and ANA which normally use Russian airspace have suspended all flights to and from Europe. Finnair is resuming some flights to Japan on March 9 by a new route avoiding Russian airspace, adding almost four hours to the flight time.

War risk surcharges may soon be implemented.

Sea Freight

Additional air and rail freight volumes being diverted to ocean freight are adding further pressure on sea freight capacity,

Update March 2, 2022

Inland transportation throughout Europe

Truck rates are fluctuating day-to-day. Oil prices have increased and there is currently a shortage of trucks. We therefore strongly advise customers to be aware of any changes to inland transportation costs in Europe. As supply chain services are currently fragile, paying close attention to stock inventories is also highly recommended.

Our European rail services are so far not affected and operate normally.

Sea Freight

Most liner services to Ukraine, Belarus and Russia have been suspended. Russian bookings have been suspended by MSC, Maersk, CMA CGM, Hapag-Lloyd, ONE and Yang Ming.

China – Europe Rail Freight

China-Europe main rail routes travel through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland are operating normally.

China-Russia and China-Central Asia rail services remain unaffected at this time.  

Air Freight

The general trend is now a further tightening of capacity across carriers. As a result of the newly implemented restrictions, the possibility of longer crew rotations and increased fuel costs may lead to higher rates and changes to schedules.

Several new airspace restrictions have been put in place which may affect cargo transport and transit times:

The US, EU and Canada have closed their airspace to Russian aircraft. The UK has banned all flights from Aeroflot. Finnair has ceased operations to and from the Far East.

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