Flying snow leopards

May 11th 2015

This spring Scanlog carries out two very special air freight consignments to the United States. It’s snow leopards Sanjiv and his brother who travel to their new homes from Nordens Ark Foundation in Sweden to zoos in California and in Ohio.

The journey takes about 24 hours from Gothenburg via a stopover at the Animal Hotel at Schiphol Airport, to the US. The animals are transported in large cages in a special temperature controlled, pressurised and lit cargo compartment in the belly of the aircraft.

“Dedicated staff take care of both the meticulous planning and the execution of these highly demanding transports,” says Scanlog’s animal transport specialist Petra Bärnsten, and continues “These kind of assignments are truly enjoyable and it feels great to get the confidence to find the fastest, safest and most animal-friendly transport”.

Nordens Ark, one of Sweden’s most popular zoos works with breeding facilities around the world to save and preserve endangered species. Scanlog collaborates since several years with the Nordens Ark Foundation and is responsible for the international air transport of animals from the park.

The snow leopard, one of the world’s most enigmatic felines lives high in the mountains of Central Asia. It is present in twelve different countries in Asia, in some of our planet’s most remote and inhospitable habitats. The snow leopard, which is a flag ship species for Asia’s mountain areas, is threatened with extinction. Nordens Ark has a strong commitment to the conservation of snow leopards. The park has had snow leopards since 1989, and Nordens Ark zoologists are responsible for the international studbook and the European breeding program.