Celsius initiates collaboration with Logent and Scanlog

May 15th 2020

Logent and Scanlog have entered into an agreement with People’s Choice, which represents the two brands Celsius and FAST in Sweden, regarding transport, warehouse management and distribution. 

The goods will go by rail from the Continent to Logent Logistics Center in Hallsberg where it will be stored and distributed to Celsius and FAST customers in Sweden. Scanlog is responsible for transportation and distribution, and Logent is responsible for the transshipment from rail, storage and order picking.

“We are very happy and proud that People’s Choice chooses Logent and our Logistics Center in Hallsberg as a hub for their products in Sweden. Through our collaboration with Scanlog, who is responsible for the transport, we enable these kind of integrated logistics solutions. We see that our concept of warehouse and cross dock from rail in the same terminal is a winning concept for many customers”, says Michael Sköld, Logent’s Business Development Manager, “The Hallsberg Terminal has a unique location both demographically and geographically, we reach seven million people within three hours from our terminal.”

“That People’s Choice has selected Scanlog to be responsible for transport and distribution of Celsius and FAST beverages and protein products is very honoring,” says Erdal Residovski, operations manager at Scanlog and continues, “The transports will go via our multimodal train system Scandinavian Rail Shuttle with daily departures from Europe and with lead times comparable with direct road transport – but with significantly less environmental impact. In combination with Logent’s unique terminal and warehouse solution in Hallsberg and an intelligent distribution, we also increase the overall door to door cost-efficiency.”

“People’s Choice looks very positively at the collaboration with Logent and Scanlog. We look forward to developing our collaboration with our new partners to provide our customers with the most efficient and high-quality service possible”, says Zorica Licari, Supply Chain Manager People’s Choice.

CELSIUS is the original functional energy drink for active people in the Nordic countries. It was launched for the first time in Sweden in 2009 – which was a huge success that transformed the Swedish category of functional drinks and energy drinks. CELSIUS is, and has always been completely vegan, free of carbohydrates and contains only natural flavors and dyes. That’s why it tastes so good! CELSIUS gives you the perfect amount of energy to perform better during your workout and in your everyday life. FAST as a brand has a long Nordic heritage with roots in the sports. It offers an excellent taste and innovative assortment of functional foods and beverages. FAST is for people who want to be active and get the most out of life.