Aerospace Cluster Sweden Seminar in Linköping

October 16th 2013

On September 26, 2013 Aerospace Cluster Sweden invited their member companies in Linköping to a “Flying Seminar”. On the agenda were transport and logistics issues with lectures being given by Mathias Wideroth, Chairman of Scandinavian Logistics Partners (Scanlog), and with extensive experience in international trade; Christian Stridsberg, Sales Manager for Chapman Freeborn in Sweden with a background in the aerospace industry; and Mikael Larsson, Director Air & Sea Freight Solutions at Scanlog.

Mathias Wideroth spoke about the development of the concept of Supply Chain Management (SCM), pointed out three trends within SCM and discussed their future implications for logistics and transports. It is clear that the trend towards increased environmental focus now positively starts effecting the demand for rail and sea transport, but it also quite clear that it increases the cost of the logistics chain through new taxes and regulations.

Mathias argued that these cost increases to some extent may be prevented by the trend towards what he called reduced waste in the value chain through better utilization of existing capacity, intelligent route planning and an increased focus on scheduling. The third trend that Mathias brought up was towards increased cooperation, where he saw a growing insight that both cost efficiency and the environmental benefit when the players in the supply chain consider themselves more as partners with a common goal – in the most optimal way possible to move products and manage the financial and information flows that make up the Supply Chain.

Christian Stridsberg, responsible for the British air brokerage company Chapman Freeborn’s newly established Swedish subsidiary talked about what his company is doing to contribute to efficient solutions for the transport and aviation industries. Cargo Air Charter – aircraft leasing and consulting globally; On Board Courier – with staff in strategic locations worldwide to bring the most time-critical packages by hand; Passenger Charter – passenger aircraft leasing to businesses and individuals; Aviating Support – servicing airlines and airports. Christian also took the opportunity to mention that his company had signed a partnership agreement with Scanlog in order to as he put it, secure a long and successful presence in the Swedish market.

Scanlog’s Director Air & Sea Freight Solutions Mikael Larsson, who started his career in air freight as a forklift driver at the Stockholm Arlanda airport, started by talking about the physical limitations of the various transportation modes. There is quite a lot of money to be saved if products that are imported and exported have dimensions that allow optimization of the capacity of sea containers, trucks, rail cars and air pallets. Mikael also referred to the discussion of reducing waste in the supply chain and stressed the importance of having good and suitable packaging to avoid damage and unnecessary additional costs.

Mikael further informed about the new security rules for air cargo that were implemented during the spring of 2013 and which imply that all air freight cargo must now be security approved. This involves quite a substantial cost for the shipper unless he has an accredited security status. Some of the seminar participants were from companies without security classification and asked for tips and information on the certification process. Executives from Saab AB explained that the company had been among the first to be accredited and could also share many useful tips with their peers.

Mikael then spoke about Sweden’s export control legislation on sensitive products, such as munitions and dual-use materials. He stressed that carelessness in the management of these issues will expose both exporting firms and individual employees to have major problems with both Swedish and foreign, in particular US authorities, something one should definitely avoid. It was clear that this was a subject that engaged the seminar participants, among them representatives from Unmanned Systems Group discussed the importance of building internal processes and procedures already in the early stages of a company’s development so to learn to do it right and be prepared as the business grows.

Mikael informed the audience about the Swedish Export Control Society which is providing training and arranges meetings on the subject. He also took the opportunity to talk about how Scanlog is working to support and assist their clients in handling this type of complicated legal issues.

The “Flying Seminar” finished with Urban Wahlberg, Project Manager of Aerospace Cluster Sweden, expressing hope that the participants’ newly acquired skills would contribute in reducing their companies logistics costs and help avoiding getting in trouble at the border crossing.