Our emission reduction projects

When the carbon footprint of your transport is offset, the investment goes to projects that in addition to making positive climate impact, also contribute to social sustainability in the local community.

Carbon offsetting means that emissions of greenhouse gases, measured in carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), which have not been reduced by other internal measures, are compensated through investing in emission reduction projects in developing and LDC countries.

Scanlog collaborates with leading climate project developer South Pole and the projects we invest in are certified according to internationally recognized standards such as the Gold Standard, VCS and CCBS (Climate & Community Biodiversity Standard).

Our projects also contribute to sustainable ecological and social development in the regions where the projects are located, thereby contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Please contact your client account manager or your customer service responsible at Scanlog who will provide you with more information and material about our projects and the role they play in their communities.

Thank you for contributing to sustainable transports and a sustainable society!